Ceramic Ball-Bearing Turbo

Now available in the T3 series and the popular T3/T4 hybrid series in addition to the standard TO4B/TO4E, 60 Series and “T-series”.

TURBONETICS CERAMIC BALL-BEARING turbochargers are winning races and setting new records all over the world. Rapid “spool up”, excellent transient response and unequalled durability combine to make the CERAMIC BALL-BEARING turbo the ULTIMATE TURBOCHARGER for successful race-cars and boats on tracks everywhere.

The NASA inspired angular contact, CERAMIC BALL-BEARING design (Patent pending) practically eliminates thrust bearing and operational surge failures. The CERAMIC BALL-BEARING system can safely handle 50 TIMES more thrust loading than conventional turbochargers, making it ideal for severe transients and extreme pressure ratio applications.

All TURBONETICS CERAMIC BALL-BEARING turbochargers are manufactured to the strictest aerospace standards by the most experienced technicians in the trade. Quality control is maintained throughout the precision assembly process to assure adherence to the closest tolerances in the industry. All CERAMIC BALL-BEARING turbochargers are VSR balanced at rated speeds to less than .05 Grams - the toughest specification in the performance turbocharger industry.

TURBONETICS BALL-BEARING turbochargers are matched and manufactured for your specific application. Contact a TURBONETICS Turbo Specialist for a computer generated analysis and a recommendation on the “hardest pulling, quickest spooling”, most durable turbocharger available to the performance aftermarket.


“...acceleration out of the turns is phenomenal...knocked 3 seconds off my old track record...”

Martin Schanche
European Rallycross Champion
“...I was planning to buy a 50 HP NOS kit to help low rpm response, but with the new hybrid ball bearing turbo I don’t need it...”

Burt Waite
Combustion Engineering
“...60 foot times have gone from 1.07 to 1.02 seconds...keeps pulling all the way down the track...”

Hurley Blakeney
AA/AT Record Holder
“ Supra picked up 3 tenth’s in the quarter mile after bolting on the new turbo...”

Vinnie Ten
Performance Factory N.Y.
“...we’ve got a big ball bearing turbo from TURBONETICS that doesn’t yet know its limits...422 non-nitrous horses on a stock MR-2 engine which has never been opened is definitely cause for celebration...”

Jeff Hartman
Sport Compact Car Magazine
“...dramatically faster spool-up...great starting line perfomance...lower et’s...”

Ken Duttweiler
Duttweiler Performance
“...the hardest pulling and quickest spooling turbo on my car to date...”

Fred Haumesser
Turbo Buick Newsletter

Updated on February 15,2008